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How do I enter a game (or my entire schedule)?
Under the "Coach's Box" menu (which is only accessible AFTER you login), you will find an option for report game. The screen you are taken to will list your team(s) on the bottom. Under the name of the team will be a list of games already entered (assuming that there are any) and a link to enter a new game. Please check the list FIRST, to see if the other coach has already entered your game. If they have, then click the date of the game to update any stats for your team that need to be. If they have NOT, then click the add new game link at the bottom. From there it is pretty self explanatory.
How do I edit a game?
Login and go to the Report Game item inside the Coach's Box menu. Locate the game in the list of games and click the DATE of the game. The information already in the system will be displayed, just edit as necessary.
Is there a way to shorten the process of entering stats?
Yes! If you input your team's roster first (Coach's Box menu >> Edit Team Roster), then when entering stats, the player's names will be suggested to you as you type, just highlight the one you want and hit enter and move on.
Can I offer a story or list a request for a game on the site?
You bet. If you are a member, go to News Articles under the Coach's Box menu. Enter your information and the story will appear in the list of recently submitted articles!
My name is wrong in the stats, or the stats are incorrect. Can you fix it for me?
The best way to get one of these fixed is to go contact the coach. All stats are input into the system by the coach (or staff) and they are the best ones to make the correction. Stats are compiled on a game by game basis, so the totals cannot be directly edited.
I log in and on the very next page it says I'm not logged in!
In Internet Explorer 7 try going to the Tools Menu, Internet Options, then click on the Security tab, the Trusted sites icon (check mark), then the sites button. In the resulting window enter http://* At the bottom of that window may be a checkbox concerning using secure server, make sure it is turned off. Then Ok/save your way back to the main screen. Go to the website at and try logging in.
New to the site or a returning coach having trouble logging in?
The first thing you need to know, is that the Coach's Association has decided to restrict access to Coach's area to PAID members only. Click here for more information on paying your dues.

After you have paid your dues AND receipt of the dues has been confirmed by the Association Treasurer, you will receive a message from the system telling you that you are approved. Be sure to allow messages from in your spam filters! After receiving that confirmation, do NOT create a new account! you can login with the password you set when creating your account. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the Reset Password link in the login box. You will be emailed a temporary password that will work to get you into the system where you can then reset your password and update any other information that needs it.


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