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2018 Keeper Statistical Leaders

Scope: Statewide Leaders

Stats are compiled from the game reports filed by the individual coaches. At this time not all coaches are reporting complete stats. If you believe a stat is incorrect, check the teams stats page and report which games have discrepancies. A minimum of 450 minutes (eq. of five full games) of playing time are required to make the Goal Keeper list.

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1. Grajeda, HectorCosumnes River63060.8571
2. Schuh, LukasSanta Barbara1636201.1002
3. Alvarado, EmmanuelCañada47471.3291
4. Ptieau, RodrigoLos Angeles Harbor1890351.6667
5. Jacobo, AlexisCosumnes River900171.7000
6. Sampo, ChrisAmerican River1415311.9717
7. Herrera, Antony Allan Hancock1765572.9065


1. Casperson , Hunter Folsom Lake75030.3600
2. Camargo, MarisolLas Positas50230.5378
3. Gonzalez, MichelleCity College of San Francisco117080.6154
4. Leal, AmandaSan Joaquin Delta1430120.7552
5. Telliard, HollySanta Barbara1830160.7869
6. Gonzalez, AnjelicaLas Positas84180.8561
7. Alarrazabal, BriannaClovis990100.9091
8. Coelho, SamanthaWest Valley2070210.9130
9. Yanez, IlianaLos Angeles Pierce College965100.9326
10. Chinchay , Izzy Folsom Lake1140120.9474
11. Montoya, Sharon Southwestern1159131.0095
12. Dyer, SavannahFullerton958111.0334
13. Bergin, AllisonButte1267181.2786
14. Ippolito, KaylaFullerton662101.3595
15. Cedillo, DanielleClovis720111.3750
16. Wood, AdrieannaSan Joaquin Delta51781.3926
17. Leanos, EmmaGolden West999161.4414
18. Andreyev, Maria Miramar665111.4887
19. Mojica, ValerieLos Angeles Pierce College655111.5115
20. Davis, DanielleDiablo Valley1422332.0886
21. Romero, LaticiaOhlone1267302.1310
22. Sanchez, Jennifer Miramar530142.3774
23. Rico, ErikaAllan Hancock565152.3894
24. Rivera, IsabellaAmerican River488142.5820
25. Gover, JosieAmerican River982343.1161
26. Stark, KatiePalomar College629263.7202
27. Ibarra, AlejandraAllan Hancock1325594.0075
28. Retamoza, LexandraHartnell1435654.0767
29. Sather, BethanyShasta1440845.2500
30. Aiken, TiannaSacramento665658.7970


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